Stallion Service Agreement  

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Scribble "D" Quarter Horses

Ken & Connie Durfee
162 S. Cooley Street
Grantsville, UT  84029

(435) 884-3374


This certifies that







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Has engaged one (1) service to:
Ole Skip Classic  AQHA  4334429 2018 Stud Fee  $500.00

For the mare       Registration #  AQHA     

for the 2018 Breeding Season (March 01 through June 30) Stud Fee to include $200.00 non-refundable booking fee. Mare care per day Dry $10.00 Wet $12.00 Box stall on availability $15.00 . Lights at night $3.00 per night. There shall be no refund in part or in full for this service. 

  Maiden  Dry   Wet

Foaling Date

1. Mare shall be in healthy, sound breeding condition. A licensed veterinarian’s certificate confirming breeding soundness,  negative EVA and coggins shall accompany mare. Failure to furnish veterinarian certification shall be mare owner’s authorization to have the mare examined and brought current on requirements by the stud owner’s veterinarian at mare owner/agent’s expense.  Mares with aggressive temperaments will not be accepted.

2. Mare shall be halter broke and have rear shoes removed to be acceptable for breeding. Failure to remove rear shoes shall be mare owner’s authorization to have shoes removed at mare owner/agent’s expense.
3. A photocopy of both sides of mare’s registration certificate shall accompany the non-refundable deposit and become the property of the stallion owner.
4. Scribble "D" Quarter Horses/agent shall not be held liable for accident, sickness, disease, theft or death of mare and/or foal. Stallion Owner/Agent shall provide care and supervision for mare and/or foal. 
5. Mare owner shall not be held liable for accident, sickness, disease, injury or death of stallion.
6. Stallion owner/agent shall diligently try to settle mare. If mare does not settle, mare owner/agent shall not hold stallion owner/agent liable.
7. Stallion owner guarantees a live foal from this mating per items 8 through 11.
8. If mare is confirmed in foal by a licensed veterinarian, but dies prior to foaling or aborts foal. The live foal guarantee will become null and void unless mare owner/agent notifies stallion owner/agent within forty-eight (48) hours of mare’s death/abortion and within fifteen (15) days provide a licensed veterinarian’s written detailed statement regarding the death/abortion to the stallion owner/agent.
9. There shall be no live foal guarantee on mares leaving our facility prior to being vet checked safe in foal by our attending veterinarian unless mare is ultra sounded for pregnancy within sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) days following last breeding date and palpated at forty-five (45) to forty-seven (47) days after last breeding date. Written veterinarian certification of ultrasound and palpation shall be provided to stallion owner.  Mare shall be vaccinated against Rhino on her 5th, 7th and 9th month of gestation.
10.  If foal does not stand and nurse on its own, a return privilege shall be given for the following breeding season only to above mare or a mutually agreed substitute mare. Mare owner/agent shall provide stallion owner/agent a licensed veterinarian’s detailed written statement regarding the foal’s death within one (1) week of foal’s death, or the live foal guarantee shall become null and void. Mare owner/agent shall pay mare care and veterinarian expenses for the rebreed at the current rate. Stud owner shall provide a breeder’s certificate upon notification of live foal by mare owner/agent.
11. If above selected stallion dies, becomes unfit for service, is sold or unavailable for breeding before above mare is in foal, or mare fails to produce a live foal, mare owner/agent has the right to breed the next breeding season only to another Scribble "D" stallion at the designated fee on this contract.
12. All of mare board and veterinarian expenses are the responsibility of the mare’s owner/agent. Expenses shall be due and payable on the first day of each month. All unpaid mare expenses and stud fee shall be paid by mare’s owner/agent when mare is picked up. An interest rate of 1.5% per month or 18% annually will be due on all accounts in excess of thirty (30) days. Stallion owner/agent shall have a possessionary lien on mare and board will continue to be charged until mare expenses have been paid in full.
13. Mare’s owner/agent shall be responsible for any legal action necessary to obtain mare expenses incurred. This includes, but not limited to attorney fees and all court costs. By signing this contract, mare owner/agent, their heirs, successors and assigns agree without exception to all the conditions stated herein. This contract is entered into in the State of Utah and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of that state. 
14. To better serve you, Scribble "D" would appreciate twenty-four (24) hours notice to deliver or pick up mare.
Non refundable booking fee of $200.00 was received on ______/______/______ 


Stallion owner/agent's signature


Mare owner/agent's signature
(A $200.00 booking fee must accompany two signed copies of this agreement to reserve a breeding for your mare)